NCCAcolorlogoIn the below written paragraphs, readers will be able to access detailed information about the association’s main principles, founding members, history and miscellaneous aspects such as clients and member testimonials.

Going back to the 1920’s, the child care association had its roots deeply embedded within the situation that arose during the Second World War Having served in the war and seen first-hand the atrocities that can be inflicted upon children, the two founding members of the association decided it was time for them to invest in the well-being of the children all around the world. Thus, the Child Care Association was formed at the initiative of two regular citizens who realized the importance of taking care of the children.

It wasn’t long before their association gathered more members and as time passed, it became more and more popular, first in the United States and then all around the world. The founding members constantly tried to promote their work. Charitable events were held each month at different places around the world. The earnings from each event went directly to the children from the nearby centers. Donors could give away any desired amount of money to the center they wished to support or directly to the child they wished to sponsor before the adoption papers were completed.

Many volunteers gave helping hand with the toddlers and children who were in our care. There are many people who wanted to foster and adopt the children from our association, but there was always need for more as new children were admitted in the care center every day.