Clothing Design For Charity Purpose

The world has been responding actively to child care and education problems by doing whatever it can to ensure that young children are educated to equip them with the right tools to build their future. The state of child care and education in developing nations has received massive global attention of late. To help them, charitable organisations have been instrumental in sourcing and mobilising funds for children who come from impoverished backgrounds. Clothing design for charity purposes has become a popular strategy for agencies to help promote child care and education.

shutterstock_156019181How they contribute

In this approach, a pool of contributions is set up, and this is used as donations to select institutions, or the money is used to buy resources. Fashion designers have jumped on board with both feet to give back to the society by hosting fashion shows that donate most of the proceeds to charity. Also, some fashion houses in Europe and America have gone a step further by designing clothes that are for charity only. Here, the clothes are usually branded as charity items and buyers understand that when they purchase them, they are supporting a particular child or education initiative. More information can be found at

Designers who give back

Ralph Lauren‘s name is synonymous with clothing design for charity purposes and has been for decades. He does his charity works through the Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention and The Pinky Pony Fund. Donatella Versace is another active designer involved in charity. The Versace One Foundation has successfully helped children all over the world, most notably during the Sichuan Earthquake in China. Kenneth Cole has also done a lot in pushing for sustainable child care and education efforts. His foundation dubbed amFAR has been supportive in promoting AIDS research. Another renowned designer, Patrick Robinson, has done exquisite work in making sure that every child gets an education.