Facilities and Education

classroom-edited-628x278The Child Care Association recognizes the importance of well-equipped facilities and access to quality education. These two elements can provide the children in our care with the best possible start in their lives. They deserve the best care starting with the people that spend time with them in our centers and the teachers that help them find their place in the society.

The association has a partnership with private and government institutions (kindergarten, schools and universities) that provide them with free education.

Children who don’t have a family need special attention at school. Their vulnerability and their disadvantages can be improved and transformed by good hard working teachers and social workers. A good education can have a huge impact on the academic results, child’s overall health and well-being. Teachers and social workers have to provide the love, care and protection that parents normally provide to their natural born children. A lack in any of these areas can create a problem in their later lives, which is the reason the members of the association are deeply involved in solving these issues.

At the centers’ location, children are treated as they would be at their own home. They have shared dormitories, specific to each age group, bathrooms appropriately equipped, living rooms where they can play different games, dining rooms, library rooms for reading and completing homework, sports rooms and green spaces around the centers to spend their time.

The little ones, aged 0 to 3 years are kept in a different building so that they are protected from the rest of the groups as they are very young and unable to help themselves. All the children over the age of 3 attend a public or private kindergarten, primary or secondary school together with children coming from a normal family. After school activities take place either at the facilities of Child Care Association or at different clubs associated with the school that they are admitted into.