Foster or Adopt

AdoptIn the past, adoption was the only legal tool that made it possible for families without a child to have children. The rights and responsibilities of biological parents were transferred entirely to the couples who adopted them. In most of the cases, very young children even under a year were the interest of adoption. Studies have revealed that sometimes this practice is not so good for them, as over the years he or she might lose track of his or her biological parents even if they existed. At an early age, they are not so attached to their biological parents because they are not aware of their situation. The state or the association only wants them to grow inside a protective and healthy environment that only a family can provide. However, when they grow and become conscious about their situation, most children want to get in touch with their biological parents and brothers or sisters. Over the years, the situation becomes much more complicated as the biological parents are harder to locate.

Fostering a child was the only solution for such situations. Recent studies have revealed the importance of maintaining children’s connection with their birth family. The link may be made with an exchange of letters, photos or face to face meetings. Each case is unique with its own set of rules depending on the court’s decision, the fostering family’s willingness to exchange and the situation of the natural parents. In such cases, foster parents will receive constant support from the social workers in charge of the children before them. Natural parents have the right to make decisions in any important matter that concerns the child. Fostering usually continues until the age of 18, but most of the youngster in the program remain with the fostering family, or maintain a close relationship. This program was designed to provide the best emotional support to the children, and let them choose at the proper age what they want to do with their lives.

No matter what option you choose, the association is always here to help you.