History of the Child Care Association

logo1In the beginning, it was not easy at all to find the correct legal framework to take care of all the children that were found on the streets, nor the budget or the space and the people to take care of them. It all started with the first two adoptions of the German boys who were found during the war. The paperwork was slow, but eventually they found their new home and family in Illinois with James and Jonathan. The problem was that hundreds of other similar cases existed because of the war, extreme number of immigrants that were not correctly integrated in the society and ended up as poor people living on the streets or living on the outskirts of the city, in inhuman conditions. Something had to be done. Therefore, when the two men returned home, they asked the help of the local communities and together laid the foundation stone of what is today the Child Care Association. The word spread started spreading among the people of every city in the State.

Everyone was taking part in the program in order to help the poor children. It all started with two rented mansions where upto 150 children could receive a decent nutritious meal, a warm bed and the right to the education in the schools. Every child had a right to a happy, safe and equal childhood. Children originating from poor families had the right to be visited by the parents and usually returned to help them after they grew up because they received education that they deserved. Some children were adopted by the families wanting to help the little ones find their place in the society.

Years later, the association gained more and more notoriety in all the US, numerous centers were established and the number of volunteers increased. Many children now live a happy life either at the centers or with their adopted families.

Since 2000, the Child Care Association has gained worldwide recognition and many other countries have developed such centers.