Join Charitable Events

charitableevents-6f8a8b7dSince the government does not fund the Association, it needs as many resources as it can get in order to give all the rights and comfort to the children that they deserve. Many ideas were tried and tested to organize successful fundraising events. The people who were responsible organizing the events tried to outperform the last organized event. The values are visible in these events because of all the passion that the members show for taking care of children.

Each year, a summer festival is organized. The children who are in our care have a big role in this event. They play theatre on stage, recite poetry; dance and puppets theatre performance is given. These are a small part of the activities that they practice in their spare time at the association’s club. They want to be noticed together by the activities they participate in so that people from the outside see the quality education they receive. Many times has happened that they are adopted at such events. People visiting these events see the talent in the children and their will power to shine and this helps them take the leap of faith and adopt children from the festivals.

These events are accompanied by several others activities like treasure hunting, where adults can also participate by joining the teams of the children, and thus get to spend some time with them. Simple activities allow people to spend time with them as a family which is the first step of adoption.

Events are organized all round year on different themes like Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving Day, National Day of the United States and National Days for each country the Child Care Association functions in and so on.

Every event is planned very carefully; help and ideas are exchanged between all the centers across the world. The association takes the responsibility of tending to the needs of all the children in its care.