The Founding Members

USA_infantry_Verdun_WWIThe founding members were married men, at the age of 30 at the time of their enrolment in the army during the First World War. James and Jonathan were two good friends from Illinois who volunteered with the Red Cross to take care of the wounded from the war. They relocated to Europe for one and a half year, but as they took care of the soldiers in the field, they also witnessed bombing in different civilian locations and sought out to help everyone on the field. Those crucial moments raised awareness about protection of children. A specific episode kept playing over and over in their heads. It was linked to a 5 year old child and his toddler brother in the ruins who were saved from under the lifeless body of their mother. They could not understand why innocent lives were lost and children were left on the roads alone, injured and scared. At the time, they struggled to protect those two children the best they could, and legally brought them to US and adopted them. Today, the two brothers continue to take care of other children around the world and tell the story of their adoptive fathers at every occasion they can.

They want to provide the same opportunity to all the other unfortunate children, to help them live in a safe and secure place until they complete the age of 18 or 21 and are in a position to take care of them. Even after children move on with their adult life, they keep in touch with the association and its members. The integration of the society is pursued with the human and family rights intact.

All this is the work of two men, who found a way to help others and envisioned a better future for all the children in the world.