Volunteer or Donate

d88fc5f2ab1a817405cbeae4aec7356fThere are many ways to help and support the children who are part of the association, even if you cannot adopt or foster them. You can donate everything from clothes, toys, furniture or any other items for the little ones. Monetary donations are also welcomed. It all depends on the generosity of the donors. Every item that you give away is used to comfort, entertain and make the life of the children in the Child Care Association better. You can donate items for newborns, toddlers and teens. The association has a list of most needed items. Starting with newborns, infants and toddlers, the higher demand is for plastic and washable mobiles, stacking rings, crib mirrors, shape sorters, riding and pushing toys, music activity boxes attachable to a crib and board books.
For school age children, you may donate sports equipment, plastic play animals, action figures, Lego kits for boys and girls, crayons and colored pencils, coloring books, board games, books, craft kits or dry erase boards with markers.

Teens are in need of DVDs, pads and pencils, playing cards and Uno game, sportswear, yoga mats, Lego sets, play station and Xbox games, gift cards to movie theatres, iTunes or any other shop or restaurant vouchers

If you choose to volunteer, you can spend some time with children of any age in any of our locations in US, Europe, Asia or Africa. Depending on the time you have and your availability, you can spend a few hours each week outside your regular program, but you can also relocate for a few months in any of the association’s location to spend more time or impart education. It all depends on your skills, availability and will to help the little ones in need.

Get in touch and let us know on how you would like to give a helping hand and the association’s members will help you do the needful.