Words about the Members

words-from-our-membersDuring the years the Child Care Associations has existed, more than 2000 children have been adopted and over 3000 have been fostered in the US alone. Almost an equal number of children grew up in all the US centers and turned adults with some having children of their own. Twenty percent of these adults returned voluntarily with donations or for adoptions. Every child that passed through one of the care centers around the world is subscribed as a member of the association. Every person that volunteered or donated is also considered a member. Following are a few examples of some people who have helped with this mission.

Jason, age 20, volunteered to spend a year at the European Child Care Association in Munich. He helped a few hours in the morning with the toddlers, and in the afternoon helped the youngster with their English. After he came back to US, he kept coming back during the weekends at the care center that was closest to his home.

Mary grew up in the Illinois center together with her younger brother. They were adopted at the age of five and four respectively by different families. They kept in touch all through their childhood as their parents agreed to enroll them at the same school.

Andrew was abandoned on the streets by his family when he was only three weeks old. He grew up until the age of 18 with the Child Care Association and after that he studied social care. He returned to take care of other disadvantaged children at the center. He has his own family and children now, but he is planning to adopt two more.

Agatha was fostered by a good family which allowed her to keep in touch with her poor family that could not afford to raise her properly. She is now studying to become a veterinary doctor and hopes to be able to help her biological family someday.